Hooked On Books

What is Hooked On Books?



The Hooked On Books Project is designed to promote literacy for pre-schoolers. Reasearch shows that reading to pre-schoolers helps prepare them for greater success in school. This is the basis for our Hooked On Books Project, a program that promotes school readiness and early literacy, helps children acquire the skills needed for reading success, and instills a love of reading in our children.

The project is made up of 1,000 books that are divided into 100 beautifully silk-screened canvas bags. Each bag will contain 10 different books.

Parents will be able to sign out a bag of ten books for a two week period and return it for another bag.

Our goal is to have 1,000 books read to a child by the age of 6.

How Can You Join Hooked On Books?

*Come to the Waterville Public Library and pick up a Hooked On Books registration packet.


*Fill out a registration form. Every child participating must be registered. You only need to register once.

*Participants parents must also have or apply for a library card.

*You must bring your drivers license with your current address.

*Next, you’ll need to fill out the Bag Log Sheet. This form will be kept alphabetically in the binder at the library.
Each time you pick up a new bag you will need to find your sheet.

*On the Bag Log sheet, find the square number that corresponds with the bag you are taking out. Inside that square write the date and your initials.

*Please check each bag before signing it out and make sure that there are 10 books in each. Inside each bag is a list of the 10 books that are assigned to that bag.

*All bags must be checked out at the library circulation desk (main desk)

*You may borrow the bag for up to 2 weeks.

Why Are We Committed To
The Hooked On Books Project?

*A child’s success requires life long learning skills.

*The best way to put children on the road to learning is to get them reading early and often.

*Research shows that by reading aloud to children, parents can help them acquire the pre-reading skills needed to learn to read at school.

*recent studies have shown that when pre-school children are read 1,000 books before receiving formal reading training, their success in learning increases dramatically.

*Parents do not always have the resources or time to select age-appropriate books.

**For more information on the Hooked On Books Project please
contact Jeff Reynolds or Amanda Briggs at the library or at 841.4651.

in cooperation with the Waterville Public Library

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