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Early Literacy & the Bookworms Program
                     Taking small steps to big futures

What is Early Literacy | Bookworms Program | Early Literacy Wonder Bags

Bookworms Information:
Bookworms is held on Mondays & Wednesdays at 10:30am | Bookworms on Facebook

This program is designed for 3 – 4 year old children to introduce them to letters, colors
and shapes to help them prepare to read. We will do crafts, read books and interact with other children.  Please contact Jill Kervin at 841.4651 or Jill@watervillepl.org

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*Children MUST be 3 before December 1st
*Children MUST be accompanied by and adult.
*Children need to attend on a regular basis. 

If Waterville Schools are closed due to weather, Bookworms will be cancelled.

If you are interested in joining the program please contact
Jill Kervin at 841.4651 or Jill@watervillepl.org

What is Early Literacy?

Early Literacy is what children know about reading and writing before the can actually read and write. Early literacy skills are the roots of reading success – and it’s never too early to plant the seed. Children prepare to read long before they start school.

Early literacy incorporates skills that children need to develop in order to be ready to read and ready for school. The American Library Association has identified five simple practices to help you prepare your child for reading: Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing & Playing.

Reading Tips:

  • Talk. Talking with children helps them learn oral language,
    increases vocabulary and learn narrative skills.
  • Sing. Singing and rhyming teaches children about the different sounds in words.
  • Read. Have a regular reading time every day. It is the single most effective way to help children become good readers.
  • Write. Writing, even scribbling teaches children that letters and words have sounds
    and meaning.
  • Play. Play is a vital way for kids to learn about the world. Through play, kids work on all types of early literacy skills.
  • Visit the library and let them pick out their own books.
  • Give your child time and materials to color, draw, do puzzles and cut paper. It might be messy but it’s important!

Early Literacy Wonder Bags

We have 6 Wonder Bags available for checkout. Each bag has a book and several hands on activities parents and caregivers can share with their children. Bags can be found at the circulation desk.

Wonder Bags:
Bag #1 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Bag #2 – Goldilocks & the Three Bears
Bag #3 – Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
Bag #4 – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Bag #5 – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Bag #6 – Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


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