Ways to help your child read

Below are a few ways you can help your child begin to read and how to help them pick out just the right book for their level. If you need any help finding a book you can always ask a librarian! 

Finding the just right book:

Use the Five Finger Rule
Open a book to any page. Start reading.
Hold up a finger every time you see a word you do not know. 

0-1 = Too Easy
2-3 = Just Right
4 = Okay To Try
5 = Too Hard

Strategies to Figure our Words:
Sit with your child as they read and when they get to a word they do not know try out some of these strategies to see if they can figure it out on their own. 

*Sound it out.
*Look at the picture.
*Look for the little word in the big word. (doghouse)
*Does it make sense?
*Go back and reread.
*Skip over it and read on to the end of the sentence. 


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