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Wonder Pods

Wonder Pod Registration

The library will help create small groups of families/children who are comfortable gathering together outside, on the WPL grounds. These Pods can be created on your own, or we’ll help. We will provide the option for materials and activities for you to do together. Or you can use it as simply a time together. By matching families who can stay together over many months, we hope this increases the safety and comfort for all involved. Scheduling is flexible.

The library will serve as a sort of middle man for these groups, but you’ll be able to guide them to fit your own unique needs. There are times listed to choose from to help us pair families a bit better. We will also have library materials or activities ready to go each week at these times.

Can you do it another time? Absolutely!
You and the members of your Pod lead the way! To help avoid congestion, just let us know when you plan to meet up. Chances are there won’t be a conflict, but during this time we need to keep tabs on numbers, etc.

This is an exciting new prospect and we can’t wait to start connecting and get rolling!

Click Here for Online Form: https://forms.gle/3sT2Gva8r86yAsrh8

Wonder Kits

Already in process, we’ll have kits available for check out that will work for a variety of ages- either together or independently.
We highly recommend utilizing Curbside Grab & Go Bags along with this! A Bag of Books can be tailored to better fit your interests, age(s), and learning styles.

Curbside Form: https://forms.gle/sbowU61PpJDwAzhH9

Information on available wonder kits will be posted soon!

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